• Erich J Schmidt
    February 7, 2022
    Hello COReXchange Member,

    Thank you for joining COReXchange!

    This is a safe space for health and safety professionals to discuss topics related to COR™ without judgement. We encourage everyone to discover 14-sub categories that represent the 14 elements of COR™ 2020 and learn from our mentors!

    The goal of this forum is to assist in developing effective health and safety best practices. We will be updating the field on changes to certification and auditing procedures to help build a strong network of health and safety advocates.

    You can read the COReXchange Best Practices below.

    The OGCA COReXchange Taskforce and a team of 7 Health and Safety Mentors moderate the community, so the community circulates information with accuracy. All content and advice published on COReXchange needs to be viewed as non-binding bona fide advice and guidelines shared with peers and no guarantees or warrantees are offered or should be implied. It is recommended that all comments and resources shared and used are developed with the appropriate due diligence.

    If you have any questions, please contact Judith Reda at .

    Thank you,

    Erich Schmidt

Welcome to COReXchange!

Welcome to COReXchange!
COReXchange is a forum that has been created to promote IHSA's Certificate of Recognition (COR) within the province of Ontario. It is a virtual space for OGCA members, their suppliers and the larger Ontario safety community to exchange ideas, converse, and interact with others within the Ontario occupational health & safety (OHS) community.

Through this forum, sponsored and administered by AuditSoft, we hope to create a culture of peer support and sharing. The purpose of the forum is to promote excellence in construction health and safety by supporting and mentoring firms to implement, obtain and maintain a COR program.

By sharing and promoting OHS best practices, we aim to create a healthier and safer workplace and a more robust economy for construction stakeholders.


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